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Chapter 2 - The Second Coming

DTOONZ - "Davidic Tunes"

DTOONZ, an abbreviation of “Davidic Tunes”, is an all-female-inspiration singing group. The urbanized style of composition fused with their gracious voices proves to many that they can begin a revolution of diversity in the way people see Inspirational music today. Many have described their music to be for both the mind and body because it comes with strong and well-articulated messages which has roots in they believe and seasoned rhythmic beat sequences produced by a few of the finest in the game.

Met in Mo'vibez Music School

In 2009, a few young ladies met at the Mo’Vibez music school where they were learning music and were equally groomed. Mo’Vibez Entertainment took a strong interest in these young ladies. Having interest in grooming people, particularly youths, decided to rejuvenate that ever-burning vision of having a group of females, which might have seemed to fail with other set of ladies in the past. The sight of these ladies the coordinator of the School (Faith Praiz) had began a new chapter in the life of these ladies. The chemistry was consciously built; the vision was properly laid-out; the skills adequately acquired and the faith, well synchronized, all on the foundation of their Belief.

"Vocal Strength"

Their vocal strength cannot be matched, their beauty and the sweet melody that they exude is undeniable. They hair on the back of your skin will acknowledge their vibez with a standing ovation that you cannot resist and an inner burning sensation that make you connect to them any day and any time you see them as virtuous ladies and we call them D’TOONZ.


They have produced several mega sales albums and their recent album “Chapter 2 – The Second Coming” was released 27th of June 2016 on all available stores and music streaming sites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and so on. Also, the 3 singles released off the album have been receiving massive airplay and good comments.